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    The windmill is one of the hottest things you will ever see a straight man do. I want him to slap my face with his cock.

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    Made for biiesh for her very very belated Valentine gift.

    Sorry dear I’m very much suck with coloring so all I can afford is, as always, some artline and mini comic stuff ;;_;; hope you don’t mind :”) 

    Drawing Imaizumi’s hair is DIFFICULT.

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    Super Lovers.
    ……..Sou super a favor de um Anime.

    cara eu adoro super lovers

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    I want to be fucked liked this

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    "Stop whimpering. You’ve only got another hour to go."

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  13. Anonymous said: In the Raptr QnA, Mark Darrah said that he THINKS Anders is dead in the Bioware canon. Can you confirm that?


    Your idea of canon and Mark Darrah’s may be different.

    Mark’s undoubtedly refers to the “default” state of the game if you do not import any world state via the DA Keep. The default settings always set things up so there is no chance of a character returning who you may have never met and thus have no vested interest in metting, or ongoing plots surfacing that you may never have played and thus have no vested interest in seeing resolved.

    Thus the default has things like: the Warden did the Ultimate Sacrifice in DAO. There is no Old God Baby. Anders is dead. Etc.

    If that’s not the state you want the world to begin in for DAI, then use the DA Keep to set your world state as you please. The default does not, however, affect anything outside of that, and is not, say, the world state we use for comics or novels or anything like that.

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  15. baratheon said: Here's two more questions. First of all, do you guys have in-house communications and marketing in Edmonton, or is all of that handled by EA's people? Secondly, a lot of people are worried over Jon Curry's tweet about "killing Zevran off" from a year or so ago. Even if he doesn't appear, is he still alive, provided that we decided to spare him in-game?


    1) Marketing is handled both in-house (at the project level) as well as through EA. PR (and Community, which I believe is part of that) is handled at the EA level.

    2) I’m not aware of Jon Curry’s tweet. Regardless, if Zevran is alive at the end of DAO, then he is still alive. There is content in DAI specific to him, and specific to an import where he was romanced in DAO… it just doesn’t, as Mark Darrah said in the Raptr Q&A, involve a personal appearance.